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Christiane Brand

The key to happiness is having dreams. The key to success is making your dreams come true.

James Allen


Corporate energetician, personality and success coach, Business Feng Shui consultant, entrepreneur


Specializes in Information Field technology, training and education for TimeWaver technology, working with TimeWaver technology in these areas: personality and success coaching, health, real estate, sports, agriculture, product development

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I am living my dream every day… I have been a self-employed entrepreneur for over 20 years and run an institute for information technology where I can help people to believe in themselves again, to come into their power, to live their full potential and make their dreams come true. To work with conscious people, to see how people develop, grow healthy again and start to “glow” is fulfilling for me every day.

I spent my childhood in faraway countries due to my father’s job. Thus I came into contact with other cultures and ways of life at an early age, which significantly influenced my understanding of the world: being open to new things, understanding deeper connections, feeling gratitude for simple things, integrating new ways of thinking. Back in Germany, I learned the trade of a clothing technician and was responsible for 30 employees as a manager in a clothing company. During my baby break (I have 2 girls) I continued my education to become a licensed Business Feng Shui Consultant. This was so inspiring for me that I started my own business the following year, giving countless seminars, trainings and courses in the field of health, personality development, success and spirituality.

In 2009 I came across TimeWaver, the perfect complement to my way of working. Thereupon I specialized in TimeWaver technology working at my institute.

In the meantime I have authored 4 books about my work, created over 200 training films, trained well over 1,000 therapists and successfully advised over 2,500 clients. I am still fascinated by the possibilities that this technology offers. It is my heart’s desire to make this technology known in the world, especially in the business world. Through the work with TimeWaver technology, people become more conscious, are able to better perceive themselves and others, recognize and live their values, become more authentic, more satisfied and are more committed to the well-being of all.

Our family has been vegetarians for over 6 years now and increasingly appreciate the simple life in nature. My biggest dream is to build my own therapy and seminar center with residential units, where self-sufficiency and a self-sufficient life are possible in harmony with nature and with loving people.

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