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TimeWaver Summer World 2020
Global Change in the Information Field

13. June 2020

TimeWaver Summer World 2020
Global Change in the Information Field

Online Congress

Marcus Schmieke
and further exclusive
13th June 2020

10:00 am - 8:00 pm

free of charge

Many things in people’s lives around the world are severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, today as well as in the foreseeable future. Shopping, working, meeting your loved ones, working out, communications – all this has changed now. Global changes are affecting the lives of all of us.

This also applies to the popular TimeWaver Summer World conference that was scheduled for the beginning of June in Potsdam, near Berlin. In due course, we have been busy working and planning over the past few weeks so that we can nevertheless offer you a unique and memorable conference under the given circumstances, maintaining our connection over a distance.

With this in mind and in keeping with the occasion, we decided to change the motto and the basic concept of the event, and to adapt the technical and organizational implementation to what is currently possible. As we would like to thank all our friends and associates for their continued interest and loyalty, participation in this convention will be free.

We will carry over the originally planned program to the next TimeWaver World event.

International speakers and interviewees will make for a fascinating online program on SaturdayJune 13, 2020!

Participation in the online congress is free of charge! 

The streaming link follows soon.

TimeWaver Summer World 2020 online congress


All presentations are followed by 15 minutes discussion and Q&A

  • Marcus Schmieke – Global Change in the Information Field
  • Connecting Healy Partners in Australia
  • Panel Discussion 1 – Dr. Folker Meissner and HP Martina Kondritz – Strengthen Your Immune Defense With the TimeWaver Systems
  • Panel Discussion 2 – Interview With Nuno Nina and Interviewees in Taiwan and India – News About Coronavirus With Q&A
  • Panel Discussion 3 with Christian Halper and Guests – Being Vegan and Healthy in the New Millennium
  • Panel Discussion 4 – Dr. Hartmut Schröder & Marlen Schröder – COVID-19 Under a New Perspective
  • Panel Discussion 5 – Virus Infections and Risks
  • Panel Discussion 6 – Short Interviews in Mexico, USA and UK – News on COVID-19, Interview With Q&A
  • Connecting With Healy Partner in the USA
  • Panel Discussion 7 – Dr. Carolyn McMakin – FSM and Virus Treatment
  • Sacinandana Swami – Finding Refuge in Times of Crises, With Guided Meditation


13. June 2020
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