Forget Alzheimer’s – an Update

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How to support dementia patients and their family caregivers with the TimeWaver system through analysis and optimization in the Information Field.

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The New RealTimeWaver Coach

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Keep track of your coaching session with the new RealTimeWaver Coach - personal follow-up made easy!

Optimize Job Applications With TimeWaver BIZ

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How can you find the best applicants for your vacant positions? Make better use of your valuable time in the recruitment process by using TimeWaver BIZ!

The TimeWaver Frequency McMakin System

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Learn more about the 2-channel treatments with frequency. You'll learn about the treatment experience of Carolyn McMakin.

Holistic Coaching Using TimeWaver

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Among its many possibilities, TimeWaver is also a very effective coaching tool! Get to know our CoachingWheel module and experience how quickly and efficiently you can perform analyses in different areas of your own and your clients' life.

Das TimeWaver Frequency-System


TimeWaver Frequency erweitert durch seine in der Praxis bewährten Anwendungsmethoden Ihr persönliches Behandlungsspektrum.

The TimeWaver Frequency System

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TimeWaver Frequency expands your range of therapeutic techniques through its practice proven application methods.

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