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Dr. Folker Meißner

Happy and healthy


Physician, running a practice for holistic medicine


Energy and information medicine, HOLAR-Medicine®, controlled acupuncture, integrative healing methods, "speaking medicine"

TimeWaver Devices

TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Frequency, TimeWaver Home, Healy

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I have been working as a physician for 40 years now, 35 of them mainly in the field of energy and information medicine as well as integrative and “speaking” medicine.

Since I am almost exclusevily treating chronically sick patients, two main areas of focus have emerged over time: – the search for the true, individual causes of diseases and their elimination – “empowering people”, i.e. coaching for patients with the aim that they (re-)activate their own inherent license for self-healing. This has led to the development of HOLAR-Medicine® and the program “Intentionally Healthy 2.0”, available online and as seminars for both patients and therapists (

The TimeWaver Pro system has proven to be particularly useful in the search for individual causes of disease, because it perfectly supports the networked thinking that is required in such complex diagnostic procedures.

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