TimeWaver Lecturer

Günter C. Latz

Every indication and every disease have a conflict theme as their background. By understanding the biological laws of nature, and if we know how to read what TimeWaver is indicating to us, we will be able to see the underlying connections.


Quantum analysis, developer of the BiLo-PS module (Bio - Logical - Psycho - Social contexts) for TimeWaver Pro


Work with and training for the TimeWaver systems, e.g. galv. certification with TimeWaver Frequency, TimeWaver Pro user and beta tester
My specialties being conflict analysis, background and cause analysis with TimeWaver Pro

TimeWaver Devices

TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Frequency und TimeWaver Frequency McMakin

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about me

I was born in Cologne/Germany as a “war child”. My zodiac sign is Scorpio, my ascendant is Leo. I like to be in motion at all times, being an enthusiastic mountain biker. German is my native language and I speak English on a good level.

After the German “Mittlere Reife” (i.e. completing compulsory education) I was trained as an industrial clerk and worked in sales. At the age of 38 I decided to venture out of the daily grind, engaging in 12 years of sailing, 10 of these on a steel yacht I had built myself, in the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, crossing the Atlantic and cruising South America and the Caribbean. I managed to return to Germany in 1990, which turned out to be a bumpy road at first. With a good agency for advertising and marketing and as a sales trainer I got my act together again in German business life. But a childhood dream was still pending: A trip through the USA.The dream was then realized in 1998 – 2000 in just under 2 years with the camper across the U.S., from which then also a book was created (it is still listed today at Amazon).

I am continuously educating myself, be it in the field of the Quadrinity Process, which enables extreme self-awareness (it is also called “Crash Course for the Soul”) or at Training for Life in Cologne and in the Osho Community in Poona/India. In addition to that, I was involved in Metaphysical Science with the NL-Scan systems since 2004 and received a certified training in Metaphysics in Miami (USA). Beyond that I received intensive training at the University of Global Scaling, Medical Science, Energy and Information Medicine and a certified training in Integrative and Energetic Medicine.

I am the developer of BiLo-PS© (short for Bio – Logical – Psycho – Social contexts), I do scientific work regarding quantum analysis and I am a TimeWaver partner and user since March of 2012.

My main professional focus in the recent past: Development of the BiLo-PS© module for TimeWaver Pro (2016 – 17). Training, consultations and scientific work in connection with BiLo-PS© (“Biological Laws of Nature”) for TimeWaver Pro, EFT Coaching. Special training on the connection between indications and the Biological Laws of Nature and their visualization in TimeWaver Pro.

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