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Martina Kondritz

Good diagnostics means good therapy! Dare to walk a different path.


Health practitioner


Alternative therapies, galvanotherapy, bio-electro-therapy according to Dr. Pekar, infusion therapy, TimeWaver

TimeWaver Devices

TimeWaver Frequency, TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Home, Healy

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about me

I am a therapist, health practitioner and nurse. I was born in 1962 in the Rhineland (NRW) and already as a child I wanted to help people, so nursing was my dream job from the age of 6. But then we realize that there are more things in heaven and earth… That is why I decided to become a healer, and with just as much passion.

For more than 15 years I have run a naturopathy practice near Cologne in NRW, specializing alternative therapies. With galvanotherapy as adjunctive therapy, I am practicing a method which is based on the principles of Bio-Electrotherapy according to Dr. Pekar.

In addition to this method, my practice offers a number of other methods typical for alternative practitioners, such as TimeWaver Frequency, TimeWaver Pro, infusion therapy and much more.

My personal motto is: “Every problem passes three stages until it is recognized: The first is ridicule. In the second, it’s fought. In the third stage, it is taken for granted.”

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