Timewaver in Medicine

TimeWaver implements the possibilities of information field medicine in the form of high-quality medical products for the benefit of your patients and your treatment success. This allows you to explore the deeper relationships between diseases in the information field in order to be able to positively influence any disorders found directly in the information field.

TimeWaver’s medical program is conceived for this holistic combination of organic diagnosis and therapy that includes the possibilities of Information Field medicine.

TimeWaver Med

The TimeWaver Med-System is designed to help you find the background of diseases in the Information Field and restore your equilibrium on all essential life levels with new information patterns. This refers to the psychological and the somatic levels. Learn how the TimeWaver systems can support your work – for the benefit of your patients.


Mit dem TimeWaver LevelWave-Modul erhalten Sie Zugang zu einer der umfangreichsten und komplexesten Strukturierungen der physischen und psychischen Wirklichkeit und können das Informationsfeld dynamisch darauf abbilden.

TimeWaver Frequency

The TimeWaver Frequency is the professional TimeWaver system for Information Field controlled frequency therapy. By analyzing and applying the precise frequencies, the cell membrane voltage should be brought back to a natural level, for, according to our experience, a reduced cell membrane voltage occurs in almost all chronic and acute diseases.

TimeWaver Frequency McMakin

It was developed by Dr. Carolyn McMakin and built by TimeWaver as a modern, efficient and practical therapy system. The product bears the name of its inventor: the TimeWaver Frequency McMakin system.

TimeWaver Home

The TimeWaver Home System is designed to give your health back into your own hands. This professional patient device is suitable for the treatment of over 100 indications, such as depression, various pain symptoms, sleep disorders and much more.

TimeWaver Cardio-Pulse

The TimeWaver Cardio system uses an HRV measurement to analyze 14 parameters intended to provide one with concrete indications of possible stress factors in a patient.


The ReguScope system measures the ability of the body to regulate the skin’s resistance therefore helping to detect possible misbalances on the mental and somatic levels.

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