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Michael Danz

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein


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I do not see my work at TimeWaver as just a job, but as a vocation, as something that is in my nature. There hasn’t been a day in my 10 years at TimeWaver when I haven’t enjoyed my work. I love finding the deeper background of challenges, and TimeWaver provides powerful help in this endeavor. Finding the spiritual approach in my work with TimeWaver and our customers gives me great satisfaction.

For me, TimeWaver is a way of life that is meant to change my own life and that of my customers in a sustainable and positive manner; beyond that, it makes a positive contribution to the spiritual emancipation of mankind.

To see how customers and other people develop into holistic individuals through their work with TimeWaver is the greatest joy in my work.

My personal favorites are the GenoWave and Meridian module. In addition, I love to write my own databases, give webinars, create training videos and write the corresponding scripts.

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