TimeWaver Lecturer

Mihaela Liliana Stroe, PhD

A flexible mindset and a positive attitude make the difference between a champion and a victim.


Psychosociologist and PhD in Social Psychology, Business and Life Success Coach, Entrepreneur


Working with TimeWaver technology in these four areas:
Mindset and Productivity Coach for business owners, focusing on a holistic approach using these six levels: physical, biochemical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Life: Quantum Success Coach for peak performers in various fields, with a focus on career upgrading, performance in sports and improving relationships.
Environment: Energetic stimulation and optimization for buildings, offices, agriculture and real estate.
Groups: Group coaching and group performance optimization for businesses.


TimeWaver PRO with the CoachingWheel, Energy Points and GenoWave modules. Together with a team of experts, we are focusing on health topics using the Organ Coherence module and the TimeWaver Frequency as well as the TimeWaver Frequency McMakin systems.

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about me

When I first got to know TimeWaver in 2017 it seemed like all my dreams were coming true: I could finally direct my business clients towards quantum success using fast-track technology that made the invisible visible!

I am extremely passionate about removing subconscious limiting beliefs and emotional blocks of my clients, supporting them through personalized coaching sessions to reprogram their subconscious mind in order to reach a new level of goal achievement.

Also, I love to offer my clients a holistic approach in all business and life coaching programs that I run with them, and here the CoachingWheel Module is my favorite, because my clients can achieve orientation on six levels: physical, biochemical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Using the TimeWaver CoachingWheel module gives me much professional satisfaction because my clients are becoming aware of exactly which life areas they need to work on within my 90 day coaching program, “Transform your life and focus on personal performance!

As Marcus Schmieke said during the TimeWaver Summer World congress, there were two important phases in my career: my life as a coach, international trainer and motivational speaker before TimeWaver … and my life now, after more than 4 years of TimeWaver experience and more than 1,000 happy business clients!

TimeWaver and its technologies have changed my life and my profession and have helped me to achieve my personal mission statement: to educate, to motivate and to inspire people in putting themselves first in their life.

In addition, I love to write personal development books, awareness exercises and coaching programs, giving TimeWaver webinars and creating online courses and podcasts in order to awaken the transpersonal self and unleash new levels of human potential.

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