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Petra Eberle

I am striving to support your innermost potential, to accompany you on your journey towards the age of consciousness – all this using very simple measures that will give you back throughout your life many times the financial expenditure you have made!


TimeWaver consulting and training, TimeWaver Coach, Feng Shui Expert, Energetic Healer, Fantom Surgery


TimeWaver analyses & consulting, mental exposure according to Dieter Broers, Causal Coaching, Feng Shui design for business and personal spaces, DNS activation, chakra cleansing

TimeWaver Devices

TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Frequency & Mc Makin, TimeWaver Home, TimeWaver Level Wave, Healy, 150MHZ Befeldungsgerät

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about me

I am the founder of the Chakra Klinik and teacher of Neue Zeit, Mental Coach and Feng Shui expert. I was born in 1968 under the zodiac sign of Leo, have been living in Saarland since 1993 and working independently in my own office since 2003.

The strokes of fate in my family shaped me and made me grow. Very early on I was confronted with the subject of death and separation and quickly felt that there are more levels in our universe than we can perceive with our sensory organs in everyday life. So I completed numerous trainings to explore the question of the meaning of life and to train my perceptions. In 2003 I turned my vocation into my profession and started working independently.

Since the beginning of 2009 I have integrated TimeWaver into my work and since then it seems impossible to imagine my life without it. I have been passing on my extensive know-how with great joy in TimeWaver intensive and holiday seminars. I consider it a great gift to be in a position to pass on my knowledge to you.

In 2015 I founded the Chakra Clinic in order to bring conscious and experienced consultants together with people who are in the middle of development processes, be it in seminars or individual consultations. The joy of development and the change process are very important to me. My personal favorites are the Conversational Causes Coaching, TimeWaver Analysis & Balancing, Chakra Cleansing and Mental Exposure according to Dieter Broers.

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