Monitoring Dynamic Processes Live and in Real Time

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The achievements of quantum physics.

TimeWaver develops information field technology which is intended to assist in analyzing and treating deeper causes and coherences of diseases in the information field. The systems – made in Germany – consist of hardware and software and use two physical methods that are intended to access the information field.

Niels Bohr, one of the key discoverers of quantum physics, said: “Those who are not shocked when they first come across the quantum theory cannot possibly have understood it.” Other scientists, such as Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, Rupert Sheldrake, Hans Peter Duerr and Roger Nelson described, what we call the information field, as “a field of mental and physical interaction”, and termed it a morphogenetic field or the collective unconscious. However, they all agreed on one point: consciousness interacts with the physical reality and process and can directly influence them.


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The New Generation of Information Field Technology

The RealTimeWaver system allows you to automatically monitor and optimize up to 1,000 patients, clients or elements live, and in real time.


Monitoring Dynamic Processes Live and in Real Time

Note: Science and traditional medicine do not acknowledge the existence of information fields, their medical importance or other
implications including TimeWaver system applications. This is due to the absence of scientific evidence supported by traditional medicine. The forecasts are only probability estimates based on random physical processes.

With RealTimeWaver system you can automatically analyze and optimize up to 500 clients or elements live and in real time.

Application Possibilities of RealTimeWaver System

Live Overview of all Clients

Now you can finally look after all of your clients dynamically and automatically. You see the development of all your clients in the information field in real time on one screen. You receive information about which person or which business unit in the information field requires your special attention.

Application Accompaniment

It is possible to monitor and optimise your clients data live in the Information Field during an application, e.g. massage, acupuncture or meditation.

Monitoring Conferences and Meetings

During business meetings you can support each participant in the Information Field. The optional audio track allows for subsequent classification of critical Information Field fluctuations during the conversation.


The dynamic insight into information field processes is very helpful especially during counselling.

Monitoring Timewaver Frequency Apllications

Now you can observe and support the process from a distance, live in the Information Field. This is particularly advantageous during a frequency application.

Supporting the Family

You can monitor and support your own family in the Information Field continuously and in real time.

Critical Clients

During critical phases you can provide special care for individual clients by analyzing and optimizing all of their topics, live in the Information Field.

Live Support for Entire Teams

Complete teams such as sports teams, working groups in meetings, or even your family can be dynamically monitored, analyzed and supported in the Information Field.

Corporate Management

By using the cockpit on the software interface, you can view and optimize the elements of your own company or the company of a client, in the Information Field.

The RealTimeWaver-Technology

The Classical PEAR-Curve

RealTimeWaver projects the information field oscillation over the specified forecast period and displays the result in the form of a classical PEAR curve (Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Lab).

Forecasting Tool

Would you like to receive data from the Information Field, about the impact a particular topic may have in the future of the world economy or the sales of a company?

Supporting a Football Match or a Sporting Event

Assisting one's Team

A team has its own Information Field, which in ideal cases forms a coherent unit that optimally supports each individual player energetically, physically, and psychologically.

Psyche and Physique

In the RealTimeWaver energy-mode you can simultaneously analyze and optimize the energy level of the players in the Information Field at several levels.

Monitoring Meetings or Therapy Sessions


Using the recording feature of the RealTimeWaver it is possible to create an audio file during an observation. This especially makes sense when observing a conversation, or a psychotherapeutic session.

Audio Track

During a negotiation or conversation such critical moments may also reflect strong unconscious tensions that may not be visible. You can now attach the recording to a TimeWaver analysis.

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