Reguscope the Regulation Diagnosis System for Physicians, Naturopaths and Therapists

The ReguScope is a diagnostic system for probing the body’s regulatory capacity. In our experience, the regulatory ability is of great importance for successful therapy, for the regulatory ability has an important task of continuous and prompt adaptation (preferably) to internal and external changes with little energy expenditure.

This regulatory ability of the patient should be able to be recorded and analyzed by measurements of the skin resistance. The ReguScope uses skin conductivity as an indication method. For this purpose, 1,000 skin resistance measurements are made on the inner and outer sides of both hands with a special measuring pin. Because of the advanced technology, the measuring time is only approximately 4 minutes.

The ReguScope-Med software evaluates the measurements and uses them for a deeper analysis to graphically show a person’s possible imbalances on multiple levels. This is based on more than 100,000 measurements of healthy and unhealthy people, out of which the most representative 10,000 have been statistically recorded as the foundation for an evaluation with the ReguScope software.

Hinweis: Wissenschaft und Schulmedizin erkennen das ReguScope und dessen Anwendungen aufgrund fehlender wissenschaftlicher Nachweise im Sinne der Schulmedizin nicht an. Das ReguScope ersetzt keine schulmedizinische Differentialdiagnostik, sondern soll diese im Idealfall ergänzen.

The ReguScope Med Modul

Intoxication Organs
The organic regulatory state intends to provide indications for intoxications as well as regulatory disorders of the organs.
Intoxication Connective Tissue

With the regulatory state of the connective tissue, you should discover to what extent toxins can be conducted through the connective tissue.

Energy Usage

The parameter “energy usage” should indicate the body’s ability to use the energy provided for the regulation.


The “Energy” parameter is used to determine how much energy is available to the body for health maintenance.

Energy Balance
The energy balance intends to indicate how much energy is available to the right and left half of the body, in order to be able to assign existing problems to a particular side.

The distribution of the measured conductivity values is shown in a bar graph. With the graph bars one should be able to recognize possible regulation deficiencies in specific parts of the body. Additionally, software evaluation has the option to display the organic, muscular or vertebral level.

The blue graph bars intend to indicate under regulated parts of the body. The orange bars, according to this evaluation, point to a possible hyper regulation or over regulation. In the case shown, for example, potential regulation deficiencies in the bronchi region of are indicated.

Therapy Control With the Reguscope Med

By comparing “before” and “after” measurements, you should be able to check the effectiveness of your therapeutic intervention. You have the option to select two arbitrary measurement results of the patient and display them side by side for evaluation.

In the illustrated example, the right-hand side shows the result after the therapeutic intervention, where one can see that all of the regulatory planes are in the green range, which intends to indicate the possible improvement in the regulatory ability.

The ReguScope Balance Module

Psychological Regulatory Ability

The ReguScope Balance module is designed to investigate the mental health of a person. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for doctors, psychotherapists, coaches and health managers. It aims to detect possible regulatory deficiencies in the right and left cerebral hemispheres. The extent of a person’s mental balance should be able to be detected and represented by the balance factor. The energy level intends to indicate whether enough energy is available to compensate for psychological stress. The analysis result of the balance module should give you differentiated indications as to the patient’s psychological condition.

Stress Factor

The stress factor refers to the general psychological condition of the patient. Both the over regulation that can occur, for example, with an increased stress level (exhaustion, depression, anxiety), or under regulation that can occur, for example, through psychological blockages (emotional rigidity, displacement, lack of emotion, distance) should be observable.

Balance Factor

According to the ReguScope model, the balance factor should show the balance between the right and left brain hemispheres. Too low a value can refer to disharmonies and mental imbalances, while too high a value can indicate that a lot of energy is spent in maintaining the public persona.

Energy Usage

With the factor of energy use, one should be able to estimate the extent of the body’s ability to use the provided energy for the psychological regulation.

Energy Level

The energy level should indicate whether sufficient energy is available to compensate for psychological stress.

The Left and Right Hemispheres

According to the ReguScope model, the left or right brain hemispheres specific skin resistance measurements on the hands, should make it possible to draw conclusions on the assigned cerebral hemispheres.

A gray colored cerebral hemisphere is an indication of a balanced regulatory state. A red coloration is supposed to represent a psychological stress situation, whereas blue represents blockages. This representation of the respective cerebral hemispheres should help you in assigning the causes of a problem to either emotional or rational matters.

The ReguScope Meridian Module

Focus on Meridians

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy, or Qi, flows through the human body on “meridians”, which pass through it as a network and are regarded as a communication medium and regulatory system within the body. Every meridian, on which the acupuncture points also lie, is assigned to an organ or organ system. According to the teachings of TCM, to bring a person into a normal balance on physical, mental and spiritual levels, among other things, a sufficient flow of Qi in the meridians should take place. In case of lack of energy or an unbalanced energy flow, disturbances in the regulatory system and possibly diseases can occur, according to the teachings of TCM. The ReguScope Meridian module is designed to help one clarify different levels of disturbances in the Meridian system.

Meridians in ReguScope

The ReguScope Meridian module is a meridian diagnostics system that should fully combine the knowledge of electro-acupuncture and TCM with the current findings of regulatory diagnostics. The measurement on the finger and foot meridians should allow one to draw conclusions about the energy level and imbalances in all meridians.

Additional Functions in the Reguscope

It is particularly suitable for TCM experts, acupuncturists and all therapists who like to take a closer look at the meridians in their diagnosis, which also relate to the left and the right half of the body. The module also allows for the allocation of five TCM elements as listed below.

Additionally, the Meridian module should provide clues to:

  • Schuessler salts for the particular meridian
  • Names of nerves connected with the meridians
  • Connections of meridians and teeth associated with it
  • Medication resonance
  • Inflammatory or degenerative tendencies
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