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Christiane Elisabeth Weber

Love life more deeply.


Healing educator, veterinary medicine, TimeWaver remote diagnostics, book author


TimeWaver counseling and analysis, individual coaching, crisis counseling and crisis intervention, arteriosclerosis counseling, telemedicine with TimeWaver, motology and psychomotricity

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I have undergone classical Reiki, coaching and Shamanic training. My focus is on providing sustainable daily counseling with TimeWaver while incorporating both my 17 years of experience as a therapist and my work in the naturopathic day clinic of my husband, Dr. Bernhard Weber.

In my opinion, the basis for all TimeWaver sessions is the focus on subtle organ constellations with a view to the book of life and the dissolution of old paradigms and entanglements. This is based on the empirical values within the framework of personality informatics and psychomotricity, with a consideration of specific databases in order to selectively recognize and incorporate root causes into the treatment.

My function as a role model in the hospital and school is enhancing my introspection in order to find myself in my center, in my harmony, in the Self.

The Light Work with TimeWaver systems and the opportunity to accompany wonderful people on their soul path is my constant passion, full of humility.

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