The TimeWaver systems are equipped with a very comprehensive multi-layered software and require extensive training and familiarization, all of which is often underestimated.

In 2012 we have, therefore, developed the TimeWaver four level educational training strategy. This training structure gives you the option to choose your seminars according to your specific need.

You can use a set of guidelines that enable you to assess your skill level and choose the right seminar for you. If you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our TimeWaver Academy team.

The 4-Level Educational Training Strategy of the Timewaver Academy

  • Level 1: introduction after receiving your TimeWaver
  • Level 2: training seminars for your TimeWaver system
  • Level 3: seminars for advanced users
  • Level 3: seminars for experts

With the purchase of your TimeWaver system, you will also receive a detailed introduction guide, Level 1, which includes the first steps in using the software and allows you to work with your TimeWaver system right away.

After Level 1, each TimeWaver user should attend the training seminars of Level 2 for both Med and Frequency in order to build a good foundation for further seminars.

The 4-Level Training Strategy

With our four levels we offer you systematic training, which gives you a good orientation as to the seminar sequence and which seminar you should attend. In addition, you will be able to assess whether the respective seminar is suitable for you.
The four level training strategy gives you the opportunity to attend the seminars in the correct order.

However, training is not a must, as the four level training strategy is there only to facilitate your smooth progress through the year of training.

After receiving your TimeWaver system, you will always receive an introduction from your personal user support representative.

Introduction lengths:

  • TimeWaver Med: 8 hours
  • TimeWaver Frequency: 6 hours
  • TimeWaver BIZ Economy: 6 hours
  • TimeWaver BIZ Business: 8 hours
  • TimeWaver BIZ First Class: 8 hours

You will also receive an approximately 1 hour tutorial for each additional module.

After the First level introduction, the following seminars deal with daily application and handling of the TimeWaver systems. They are taught by our experienced trainers. We also offer TimeWaver warm-up workshops for preparation and intensive practice sessions with TimeWaver Med.

  • TimeWaver Med Training seminar: With the purchase of your TimeWaver Basis or Med system, you are entitled to one free participation in the TimeWaver Med training seminar worth € 350.00 (the seminar price excludes room and board).
  • Intensive practice days with TimeWaver Med
  • TimeWaver Frequency Training seminar

For the users of the TimeWaver BIZ system we recommend that they participate in the TimeWaver Med training seminar at Level 2.

Requirements for level 2:

Ideally you should receive an introduction into the TimeWaver system from your user support representative. Furthermore, the following basic knowledge is required for PC usage:

  • Basic IT literacy, which includes path and folder structures, documents management and file handling, etc.
  • Creating folders, files, and documents
  • Saving documents
  • Copy/paste text

We also offer you two basic PC courses that will ease your start with the TimeWaver software and prepare you for further seminars.

To expand and deepen your work with the TimeWaver systems after level 2, we offer you a lot of thematic seminars.

Level 3 seminars aim to impart treatment strategies and teach different approaches for your practice.

Requirements for level 3:

Depending on your TimeWaver system, you should have ideally attended the following seminars:

  • TimeWaver Med training seminar
  • Intensive practice days with TimeWaver Med
  • TimeWaver Frequency training seminar

However, if you did not attend the above mentioned seminars, but still feel confident in using TimeWaver software and a PC in general, you are welcome to take part in the level 3 seminars. For orientation, have a look into the seminar content at level 2.

The first three levels of training provide the broadest possible basis for a good grasp of the theory taught at the fourth level.

  • TimeWaver Med Training Week

Requirements for level 4:

Depending on your TimeWaver system, you should have ideally attended the following seminars:

  • TimeWaver Med practice and consolidation
  • TimeWaver Frequency practice and consolidation

However, if you can meet the respective requirements without attending the seminars at level 3, and you are also familiar with the content, you can take part in the seminars at the level 4. For orientation, have a look into the seminar content at level 3.

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