The TimeWaver systems are equipped with a very comprehensive multi-layered software and require extensive familiarization and training. This is very often underestimated.

For this reason, we developed the TimeWaver Academy 4-level training plan in 2012. This training structure gives you the opportunity to select your seminars based on your needs and benefits.

You have a guideline that you can use to better assess your prerequisites and abilities for choosing the right seminar. lf you have any questions, our TimeWaver Academy team will be happy to assist you.

The 4-Level Educational Training Strategy of the Timewaver Academy

With the purchase of your TimeWaver system, you will also receive a detailed introduction guide, Level 1, which includes the first steps in using the software and allows you to work with your TimeWaver system right away.

After Level 1, each TimeWaver user should attend the training seminars of Level 2 for both TimeWaver Pro and TimeWaver Frequency in order to build a good foundation for further seminars. *

* TimeWaver systems should always be used within your scope of practice and professional training.

The 4-Level Training Strategy

With our four levels we offer you systematic training, which gives you a good orientation as to the seminar sequence and which seminar you should attend. In addition, you will be able to assess whether the respective seminar is suitable for you.
The four level training strategy gives you the opportunity to attend the seminars in the correct order.

However, training is not a must, as the four level training strategy is there only to facilitate your smooth progress through the year of training.

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