The TimeWaver CoachingWheel Module

A Software Tool to Support Professional Consulting*

Would you like to get to the bottom of things, gain deeper insights and find hidden underlying interrelationships?

Whether you are a life coach, a Family Constellation consultant, a mentor, a business consultant or a career counselor:

The TimeWaver CoachingWheel module facilitates interactive sessions with your clients, enhanced and supplemented by valuable information from the Information Field.

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A New Dimension of Analysis!

Approx. 31,000 databases for analyses:

A Coaching Session with the TimeWaver CoachingWheel Consists of Four Steps


Self-assessment constitutes the major part of a session, with the client reflecting on themselves and proceeding towards introspection. TimeWaver supports the quantitative self-assessment of the client and their satisfaction level with the help of an allocation into the 14 most important areas of life (the conscious area according to C. G. Jung.)

Information Field Analysis

In this step, the conscious is compared to the unconscious with the help of Information Field Analysis. The goal is to bring the unconscious aspects into the client’s consciousness. TimeWaver also determines the greatest divergences between conscious and unconscious occurrences. The client’s perception is meant to be changed, so that they focus on reality rather than on their perception of reality.

Exploring Visions, Goals and Reality

In a second step, a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the actual state or the non-desired actual state is carried out. Also a definition of ideals and goals is performed, with the intangible goals (such as dreams, wishes and visions) being determined as well.

The client is thus given a toolbox that helps them in achieving their goals.

Creating an Action Plan

Finally, a mutual definition of goals and their time frames, in terms of short- and long-term goals, is carried out. The resulting action plan can be handed to the client in the form of a concise print-out, so that in addition to the optimization in the Information Field (which is running in the background), they receive a detailed instruction manual for practical implementation.

Each of the four steps is clearly visualized so that both you and your client gain a better understanding of the underlying interrelationships.

Using the example of causal analysis, the TimeWaver system is modeling cause-related imbalances in the Information Field on eight levels and finds solution approaches for optimization in specifically linked databases.

Casual analysis

* TimeWaver systems should always be used within your professional scope of practice, licensure, certification, or training, and in accordance with the TimeWaver Instructions for Use.

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