The TimeWaver Pro System

The Deepest Level of Harmonization

The special feature of the TimeWaver Pro system is both the analysis and the harmonization of the invisible influences that affect us in different aspects of life: energy flow, regulation, frequencies, emotions and even further.

The Entire Human Being

The TimeWaver Pro system works on the various levels that can be distinguished within the human being in its entirety. Thereby TimeWaver considers the correlations found in the Information Field between energy and information levels. We believe that these are closely related to and work well with each other; thus TimeWaver aims to be aware of the human in its entirety.


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Information Field Technology

The TimeWaver Pro system was developed for analysis and optimization in the Information Field. The aim of the TimeWaver Pro system is to analyze possible correlations and backgrounds of disbalances and disturbances in the Information Field and to bring them back into harmony with new information patterns. The system, developed by physicist Marcus Schmieke, is now used by over 1,000 therapists worldwide.

The 13 TimeWaver Modules

Aura Module

Aura Module

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the chakras are connected to various endocrine systems, nerve centers and certain organs, the aura in turn is said to be a fine image of the chakras. The Aura Module was developed to analyze and harmonize the chakras in the information field.

BiLo-PS© Module

BiLo-PS© Module

The BiLo-PS© module is designed to give you background information on emotional conflicts. It can thus help you to recognize and understand patterns that underlie every problem. The results of a Bio-Logical-Psycho-Social process show the associated imbalances as intelligent, biologically meaningful reactions, which can become visible on different levels at the same time.

CoachingWheel Module

CoachingWheel Module

The TimeWaver CoachingWheel module supports interactive face to face coaching sessions with your clients, enhanced and complemented by valuable information from the Information Field. You and your clients should therefore take enough time to conduct an in-depth and effective session.

A coaching session consists of five steps:
1. Self-assessment: satisfaction relating to 14 areas of life
2. Vision and goals: finding the three most relevant questions through analysis in the Information Field
3. Exploring reality: describing the present state situation
4. Discovering possibilities: changing the client’s perception
5. Create an action plan: defining goals and time frames
All results can be printed out for your clients in an easy to read format.

Energy Points Module

Energy Points Module

The Energy Points module provides the possibility to import all kinds of images, e.g. people, ground plans, organization charts, and the like. By freely setting points and areas, one can then do an Information Field analysis and harmonization. The potential disturbances should be harmonized and restored to a regulated flow of energy here. This method can be used in various life areas, such as energetic optimization of buildings, space clearing or company optimization. The virtual grid is another useful feature, which you can place over the images. It analyzes the selected area in detail and should identify weak spots. To optimize these analyzed points in the Information Field, you can use information, symbols or affirmations, among other things.

GenoWave Module

GenoWave Module

The GenoWave module is a step in a new direction, for it allows you to dynamically accompany transformative processes with TimeWaver Pro system and, by graphically mapping these processes and with the help of optimizations, such as affirmations, symbols or information, influence them in a positive manner. With the GenoWave module, you can transfer the systematic constellations of e.g. families, partnerships, groups of people, or companies, to a two dimensional interface and optimize these in the Information Field.

Homeology Module

Homeology Module

Homeopathy is very complex: every person is different, every imbalance is individual, and the variety of influences we are exposed to make a clear classification as to which homeopathic remedies should be used rather difficult. The TimeWaver Homeology module according to Antonie Peppler offers a lexical directory of more than 19,000 individual homeopathic remedies and their digitally recorded vibration patterns, as well as 50 complex combinations for many important life areas, which can be sorted according to imbalances, remedies or mixtures. The remedies and their potencies can be analyzed with TimeWaver and compiled as lists for optimization in the Information Field, or transferred as vibration patterns to globules.

Disclaimer: Homeopathy is not accepted by conventional medicine.

Meridian Module

Meridians Module

According to TCM, meridians serve as energetic "keys" to areas where stress and other imbalances can cause changes in the Bioenergetic Field. Among the thousands of energy and acupuncture points, the Meridians module analyzes in the Information Field which ones should be stimulated. In the software you have the possibility to place "virtual needles" which are designed to stimulate the meridians in the Information Field.

MyTimeWaver Modul

MyTimeWaver Module

With the MyTimeWaver module, you can analyze any topic of your choice in the Information field with one click, generate a complete optimization list with another click, and generate a customer friendly PDF report with a third click. The predefined sets and topics in the MyTimeWaver module are especially designed for practical use. The sets are divided into different areas, such as Aura, Home and Business.

Organ Coherence Module

Organ Coherence Module

According to our understanding, every organ has a bioenergetic Field, i.e. a field caused by vibration of electric charges. The Organ Coherence analysis is designed to analyze the quality of this energy field in the Information Field and thus the connection to the intact Information Field. This will give you an overview which areas are over or under regulated. The goal of the Organ Coherence analysis is to harmonize such determined areas of the Bioenergetic Field.

Sound Module

Sound Module

The TimeWaver Sound module analyzes in the Information Field from the extensive databases, frequencies for the harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field. The chosen frequency can also be selected manually and modulated onto music, for example. Here are a few examples of frequency databases: Basic resonances of the human body, Sounds and colors, Chakra frequencies, acoustic frequencies

TimeLine Module

TimeLine Module

The TimeLine module analyzes the time junctures of the person’s lifeline in the Information Field that resonate with a given problem. Given that the time axis in this model is both the separator and the interface between three dimensional space and the higher dimensions of the Information Field, we see an informative approach as particularly important. The aim is to harmonize any imbalances found in this way in the Information Field.



The WaveGenetics module is a valuable addition to the TimeWaver Pro system, for we see the DNA as a link between the cell and your Information Field. According to our understanding, imbalances in the bioenergetic field can influence the communication with the Information Field. A total of 80 "Gariaev Files" are available in five categories, each of which provides the client with a unique sequence of 5 to 18 files with individual vibration patterns.

WaveScreening Module

WaveScreening Module

WaveScreening is a module that provides a one-click Information Field screening. It analyzes 475 topics at once in the Information Field. Each of these 475 entries is backed by a separate database allowing targeted harmonization of the Information Field.

Notice: The TimeWaver systems, the existence of Information Fields and the herein mentioned applications are not accepted by orthodox medicine because of lacking scientific evidence in accordance with orthodox medicine standards. The herein mentioned case reports and studies are also not acknowledged as scientific evidence in accordance with orthodox medicine standards.

Reading and Writing

Analysis and optimization in the Information Field refers to ten levels of an individual that directly and indirectly influence each other, affecting thus our bioenergetic field and wellbeing.

When analyzing in the Information Field, TimeWaver Pro looks for new information that can help restore a healthy balance on all of these levels. Just as in the analysis, the TimeWaver Pro system has the goal of “writing” this new information into the Information Field, e.g. in the form of vibration patterns. The aim is to harmonize disbalances in the Information Field.

There is no matter as such! All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. . . . We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.
Max Planck

TimeWaver Hardware

Sturdy and Timelessly Elegant

The light quantum resonator is located under the upper test bowl. This is where you analyze and harmonize in the information level.

In the left test bowl you can directly inform “neutral” objects, such as water or globules. Below this is the noise source responsible for the object.

Here you can analyze and harmonize on the energy level. Using these two bowls, you can also copy and record information.

Using the right test bowl, you can vibrate a physical sample directly into the Information Field of the object. Below is the noise source responsible for the information.

TimeWaver comes in a solid and attractive housing made of massive aluminum. With dimensions of 30 × 30 × 4 cm and a weight of approx. 4 kg it sits on your desk as a representative base of your work in the Information Field.

Information Field Analysis in Smaller Pocket Format

In the mobile age many users require an easily transportable system, providing maximum flexibility. For this reason we have developed the TimeWaver mobile system. In order to save space and reduce weight, we have left out the noise generator and focused solely on the quantum light resonator. The compact aluminum casing provides moisture and vibration protection as well as protection from electromagnetic radiation. With its dimensions of 11 x 6 x 3 cm and a weight of only 2200 gr, it fits in almost every briefcase, together with a notebook computer.

Timewaver Kombi – Two Systems in One

If you use your TimeWaver Pro system your practice and visit your clients at their homes, then you need two systems: one that you can use on the go, and one that simultaneously carries out optimizations in your practice.

Information Field Technology

TimeWaver is a quantum-physical Information Field system designed to help you analyze connections and deeper levels in the Information Field and to harmonize them with new information.

As a foundation of analysis and optimization, the TimeWaver uses information and consciousness. Already Max Planck defined reality at its most fundamental level as information and not matter.

Consciousness and Information

According to our model, conscious processes leave traces in the Information Field. The TimeWaver systems have been developed to analyze in the Information Field what new information can be used to restore an optimal balance.

Quantum Physics and Consciousness

Already scientists, such as Niels Bohr, Erwin Schrödinger, Wolfgang Pauli, and Rupert Sheldrake have described, what in our terminology we have named the Information Field, as a field of mental and physical interdependencies or morphogenetic field.

The Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung was the first to recognize the direct communication of the individual unconscious with a sort of a global Information Field, which he called the collective unconscious.

All of them agree that consciousness can interact with material processes and directly influence them.

The TimeWaver systems have been developed to use specifically this knowledge

A Wide Range of Applications

The TimeWaver analysis intends to examine which information from a selected database resonates the most with the Information Field of the object. This information is then transferred into the object’s Information Field during the optimization. The information databases are therefore the heart of the system.








Systemic work

Sport, fitness, wellness

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