In addition to our seminars, we also have many webinars in our program for you. Our lecturers at the TimeWaver Academy are looking forward to conveying their expertise about the various application areas of the TimeWaver systems.

Our webinars provide the following advantages for you:

  • A lot of information in one session
  • Low cost
  • Participation from the comfort of your home

You will be taught new approaches, learn about various TimeWaver modules, gain new insights into strategies and methods, and become more secure in handling the TimeWaver systems. The webinars are usually recorded and then made available to the participants for download. We can inform you regularly about the dates, topics and the respective costs of the webinars by e-mail.

TimeWaver Academy Lecturers

The Following Lecturers Will Assist You With Webinars in Your Timewaver Work

Dr. med. Folker Meißner​

Dipl. BW Michael Danz​

Christiane Brand​

Petra Eberle​

Dipl.-Inf. Shabnam Kasraei​

Steffen Jüngling​

Wolfgang Blüml​

Günther Latz​

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