TimeWaver Lecturer

Winfried Kempf


Alternative practitioner (psychotherapy), theologian, agricultural economics technician, business economist


Systemic therapy, resonance, systemic constellation work, TimeWaver Pro and Frequency, TimeWaver Home, TimeWaver training

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TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Frequency

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I was born and raised in a bucolic  natural setting on a small farm in Eastern Hesse. Our family were devout Christians; this fact and my interest in the deeper dimensions of life brought me to studying theology. After graduating, however, I could not imagine for myself to be working within the structures of the Catholic Church. So my path led me to Perú, towards organic farming and advising organic farmers, as well as working with people in an integration project and vocational education of young people. It was there that I began to realize that the causes for many problems can frequently be found in the human dimension.

Working as an alternative practitioner (psychotherapy) and during systemic constellation training, I gained some deeper insights into the various types of human dynamics.

I was introduced to TimeWaver in 2016; I keep experiencing that the TimeWaver analyses are pointing me towards some issues that are often not mentioned by the clients and not recognized by me either. I like using the Aura module during therapy as an indicator of change in the client’s energy field. I also make frequent use the Energy Points and GenoWave modules.

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