TimeWaver Lecturer

Wolfgang Blüml

My vision is to bring all people back into their own strength through TimeWaver and quantum healing, empowering them to consciously shape their own reality.


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about me

I have been interested in healing for a long time. My father was a doctor and wanted me to take over his practice.

One of my father’s beliefs was “I only believe what I see”. I knew instinctively that there was much more and therefore could not enter his field of this practice and continue it in his path.

My urge to explore the unknown sent me to a monastery where I met Marcus Schmieke, and this is where my enthusiasm for quantum healing (or how our mind shapes our reality) first began. It always inspires me to meet and learn from inspiring healers.

The fascination for the “invisible” is what drew me to TimeWaver. I like coaching with TimeWaver and the magic of TimeWaver analyses that make the invisible visible.

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