TimeWaver International Training

 Danz Jüngling Meißner
Michael Danz, MBA, Steffen Jüngling and Dr. med. Folker Meißner
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Bad Nauheim


€ 299 seminar price

+ € 79 conference fee/person per day
10 % early booking discount: to 05.07.2019

05/09/19 | Michael Danz, MBA

Prerequisite: TimeWaver Pro as basic system

Presentation of practical applications for your TimeWaver work

  • Consciousness as a key in healing processes
  • Principle of „Quantum Entanglement“
  • TimeWaver and “Digital Homeopathy”
  • Our “Blueprint” in the Information Field
  • Innovations regarding the new the TimeWaver Pro software and related modules:
    - Matching / Auto-Matching
    - Distribution of results according to “Gaussian Bell Curve”
    - Newly revised TimeWaver Pro modules
    - Communication rigidity
  • What is „Coherence“ and how does it apply in Organ Coherence and other parts of TimeWaver?
  • How to create effective TimeWaver sets for „Aura Photography“?
  • Interpretation of TimeWaver parameters
  • Manual broadcasting schedule overview
  • When and how to use checkup analysis?
  • How to use TimeWaver in a “depth psychology session” + practical training
  • How to work with the „Answer Matrix“ – database + practical training
  • Questions & Answers

05/09/19 | Steffen Jüngling

Prerequisite: TimeWaver pro as basic system

  • Presentation of the "Coaching Wheel" template in the energy point module
  • Analysis of relevant life areas with the template
  • Practical work with the template in groups

06/09/19 | Dr. med. Folker Meißner

Prerequisite: TimeWaver pro as basic system

  • Autoimmune Diseases:
    - Pathologies and diagnostics from different points of view,
    - How to find the real roots of the diseases
    - How to create TimeWaver solutions for rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's, lupus and similar issues
  • Optimizing optimization lists:
    - How to distinguish important, urgent and irrelevant entries/issues
    - How to use the "as focus" analysis
    - How to handle patchwork lists
    - How to tailor optimization lists to a patient's needs
    - How to use checkup analysis and matching

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