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TimeWaver Med

The deepest level of balancing

The special feature of the TimeWaver is both the analysis and balancing of the invisible influences that affect us in all life areas: from the physical to the energetic flow and regulation, to frequencies, to the psyche, and in certain circumstances, to inherited basic dispositions.

The whole person

TimeWaver works holistically and identifies differences between various levels. It considers the bodily correlations found in the Information Field, and also the energy and information levels. Ideally, these are closely related to and work well with each other, because the TimeWaver aims to be aware of the whole person.

Information field technology

The goal of the TimeWaver Med system is to analyse and optimize the information field of a person. It aims to find and restore possible correlations and backgrounds of disorders and diseases in the information field by applying new balancing informational patterns into it. The system was developed by german physicist Marcus Schmieke and is being used by more than 1.000 therapists worldwide.


The 11 TimeWaver Med Modules

Organ coherence module

According to our understanding, every organ has an electromagnetic energy field, which is caused by vibration of electrical charges. The Organ coherence analysis intends to analyze the quality of this energy field in the Information Field, checking the linkages of the respective organs to the intact Information Field of the client. With just one click (represented in three columns) you get an insight into which group of organs, according to this model, are either over or under regulated, and which ones are balanced and coherent. The organ coherence module aims to find suitable balancing approaches in the Information Field.

MyTimeWaver module

With my TimeWaver you can analyze any topic of your choice in the Information Field with one click, generate a complete optimization list with a further click, and create a customer friendly PDF report with a third click. The predefined sets and themes are especially designed for practical application and a quick analysis. The sets are divided into following areas: Psychical, Psyche, Aura, House, Business, and Systemic Therapy.

WaveScreening module

With a single mouse click, the WaveScreening module performs an Information Field screening that is designed to detect possible medical disorders. For that, the module creates a probability ranking of the 475 most important medical influences in the Information Field. Behind each of these 475 entries lies a separate database for treatment in the Information Field.

Sound module

The TimeWaver sound module analyzes the Information Field for which frequencies seem to be helpful for your client and searches directly from the extensive databases for equivalent frequencies. The chosen frequency can also be manually selected and applied either as an acoustic signal or modulated to music. The following frequency programs are stored in the database:

  • Basic resonances of the human body
  • Sounds and colors
  • Frequencies that aim at the cell and organ stimulation
  • Brain frequencies
  • Rife frequencies
  • Chakra frequencies
  • Frequencies assigned to symptoms
  • Frequencies for treatment according to HZ
  • Acoustic frequencies

Meridian module

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are the “keys” to the organs, where stress and other disturbances can lead to blockages in the energy supply. Among thousands of energy and acupuncture points, the Meridian module analyzes which ones should be stimulated for treatment in the Information Field. For this purpose all of the parameters are displayed for you. The software allows you to place “virtual needles”, which are then used to stimulate the meridians in the Information Field. The Meridian module thus operates entirely on the level of information.

Energy points module

The energy point module provides the possibility of displaying different images, such as body areas, X-ray images, ground plans, corporate organisational charts, and the like. By freely setting points and areas, one can then do an Information Field analysis and optimization. The potential disturbances should be harmonized and restored to a regulated flow of energy here.

This method can be used in various life areas, such as energetic optimization of buildings, space clearing or company optimization. The virtual grid is another useful feature, which you can place over the images. It analyzes the selected area in detail and should identify week spots. To optimize these analyzed points in the Information Field, you can use information, symbols or affirmations, among other things.


The WaveGenetics module is a valuable addition to the TimeWaver system, for we see the DNA as a link between the cell and your Information Field. According to our understanding, the disturbances in the DNA’s wave genetic field can hinder or even interrupt the cells’ communication with the morphogenetic field. A total of 80 "Gariaev Files" are available in five categories, from which the patient receives a unique sequence of 5 to 18 files containing individual vibration patterns. The five categories of the WaveGenetics files are: 1. Well-being, 2. Metabolism, 3. Cell, 4. Immune system, 5. Bone system, blood and brain.

TimeLine module

The TimeLine module analyzes the time junctures of the person’s life line in the Information Field that resonates with a given problem, and aims to favourably influence possible blockages or disturbances in the Information Field. This intends to capture and display the chronology of the Information Field. Given that the time axis in this model is both the separator and the interface between three dimensional space and the higher dimensions of the Information Field, we see an informative approach as particularly important.

GenoWave module

The GenoWave module is a step in a new direction, for it allows you to dynamically accompany therapeutic or transformative processes with the TimeWaver. It aims to graphically map these processes and with the help of optimization approaches, such as affirmations, symbols or information, and influence them in a positive manner. With the GenoWave module, one can transfer the systematic constellations of e.g. families, partnerships, groups of people, or companies, to a two dimensional interface and optimize these in the Information Field.

Homeology module

Homeopathy is very complex: each organism is different, individual diseases are specific, and the variety of influences we are exposed to make a clear classification as to which homeopathic remedies should be used. The TimeWaver Homeology module according to Antonie Peppler, offers a lexical directory of more than 19,000 individual homeopathic remedies and their digitally recorded vibration patterns, as well as a further 50 complex combinations for many important life areas, which can be sorted according to symptoms, remedies or mixtures. The remedies and their potencies can be analyzed with TimeWaver and compiled as lists for optimization in the Information Field, or transferred as vibration patterns to globules.

Aura module

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the chakras are directly linked to different endocrine systems, nerve centers and certain organs, and the aura should be a fine portrayal of the chakras. With the aid of the aura one can draw conclusions about the functions of a person’s hormonal system and nerve centres. Designed to analyze one’s Information Field in the frequencies of visible light, the Aura module graphically maps this distribution as a person’s aura.

Disclaimer: Science and orthodox medicine do not accept the existence of information fields, their possible medical or other relevance, the TimeWaver systems and their applications due to a lack of scientific proof in accordance with orthodox medicine standards.


Reading and writing in the Information Field

Analysis and optimization in the Information Field refers to ten levels of an individual that directly and indirectly influence each other, affecting thus our psychosomatics and holistic health.

When analyzing in the Information Field, TimeWaver looks for new information that can help restore a healthy balance on all of these levels. Just as in the analysis, TimeWaver provides new information for the Information Field in the form of vibration patterns, which should compensate for the different imbalances in the Information Field.

There is no matter of itself. All matter arises and exists only by a force which brings the atomic particles into vibration and holds them together. Since, however, there is neither an intelligent nor an eternal abstract force in the universe, we must assume a conscious, intelligent mind behind this force. This spirit is the foundation of all matter.Max Planck

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