History: TimeWaver


At the end of the 19th century, there was a unique dynamic between the best scientists of the time in the fields of physics, psychology, and biology. Many future Nobel Prize winners conducted research in the field of quantum physics and the human psyche. Of no small importance were the groundbreaking new insights made in quantum physics during this time.

Thus, for example, the Nobel Prize winners Niels Bohr and Erwin Schrödinger were convinced early on that quantum processes constitute the interface between matter and consciousness. Due to this, findings and theories from the past centuries were revised, and a new paradigm postulated, which is the basis of science today: Reality is, at its deepest level, not matter, but information. Thus, the annulment of the division between matter and the psyche was inaugurated.

After World War II and the dropping of the atomic bomb, which can be regarded as a direct result of quantum physics, scientific interest in the metaphysical implications of quantum physics and in the philosophical discussion of the unity between matter and psyche, ended. The enormous intellectual and scientific development in this area from the previous four decades was thus abruptly terminated.

In the following decades, the established scientific community focused primarily on technology development and economic aspects. For this reason quantum physics and quantum philosophy, or consciousness research, have become niche areas in science since 1945. Nevertheless, committed scientists have been continuing the partially groundbreaking discoveries for humanity. The interaction between mind and matter was the focus of much of this research, also for Marcus Schmieke, who is active in this field since the 1980s.

His meeting with the physicist Burkhard Heim, and learning of his 12-dimensional world model, gave the deciding impetus to start the development of Information Field technology. In 2007, with the consolidated research and findings from various fields of study and after many years of personal research, Marcus Schmieke succeeded in developing a system that makes information field technology practically applicable, and communication with the information field possible.

This was the birth of TimeWaver, and an entrance into a new era. The long forgotten knowledge of the interaction between matter and the psyche is now put into practical use by the TimeWaver systems for people today and in the future.

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