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TimeWaver World Congresses

Upgrading Consciousness

Summer World 2023

Looking back at TimeWaver Summer World 2023

TimeWaver World Congresses

The TimeWaver World is a world of its own, bringing together a large group of very special people who create a wonderful atmosphere and connection between all. Everyone who has experienced these unique TimeWaver World events in the past will share this experience. Science, Spirituality or Holistic Wellbeing as well as Coaching and Business offer an extremely wide variety of topics covered, thus opening many new perspectives on life and work for all participants.

And so, once again, this year’s TimeWaver Summer World provided a multitude of experiences large and small, meetings and insights, new and old friendships, amazement and joy. It is difficult to describe this experience for those who were not there. We would like to convey this experience with a short video and perhaps also create some anticipation for the next event.


TimeWaver Summer World 2023 Lectures

TimeWaver Summer World 2023 Gallery