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Family Constellations in the Information Field

TimeWaver GenoWave and TimeLine: Systemic Work in Time and Space

Steffen Jüngling

July 17, 2024
10:00 am – 11:00 am CEST

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Informational webinar for coaches, systemic constellators, alternative practitioners


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What to expect in this webinar:

The TimeWaver system offers you numerous application possibilities in areas such as personal development, life coaching or business optimization. With the GenoWave and TimeLine modules, you can delve deeper into the history of events and grasp and use the subject area of systemic constellation work on a new level.

In this webinar, Steffen Jüngling will introduce you to the fantastic possibilities of the TimeLine and GenoWave modules. You will learn how to use the TimeLine module to identify the points in time on the line of existence of a living being or an object. In this way, you can analyze blockages in people, other living beings or companies that resonate with a specific point in time, with the aim of resolving them in the next step.

You will also learn how to combine the comprehensive functions of the GenoWave module with systemic constellation work: Using a two-dimensional representation, relationship patterns between people, objects or personality parts are analyzed, which you can change in the Information Field in a dynamic constellation process in real time.

Webinar Contents:

  • Easy-to-understand presentation of the information field technology
  • Possible applications of the TimeLine and GenoWave modules
  • Family constellations in the Information Field
  • Finding hidden blockages in the timeline of people and objects
  • Q&A

Steffen Jüngling

Steffen Jüngling has been a much appreciated contact person for our national and international clients since 2012. His strength lies in personal one-to-one exchange, showing others new perspectives for personal growth in addition to sharing his specialist knowledge. Steffen sees the connection with the Information Field as the key to success in the application of TimeWaver systems and puts special emphasis on supporting TimeWaver users.

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