TimeWaver Summer World 2024

The Power of Meaning

Summer World 2024

Looking back at TimeWaver Summer World 2024

TimeWaver Summer World 2024
TimeWaver Summer World 2024

As the TimeWaver event of the year, the TimeWaver Summer World offers a cosmos of special experiences. The rousing, touching, and profound atmosphere creates a framework of unique connectedness for the participants. Presentations from science, business, coaching, holistic approaches, and spirituality form a successful mixture of well-being that provides each participant with new life impulses and perspectives. Previous TimeWaver World events have created a sense of community that has come alive again this year.

TimeWaver Summer World 2024 was filled with moments of exuberant joy, depth, contemplation and inspiration – especially from our world-class speakers! For those who were unable to attend, we captured the weekend on film, and this video gives you a glimpse of the sense of purpose that can only be experienced when the TimeWaver family comes together.

Have fun watching and look forward to the next event!

TimeWaver Summer World 2024 Lectures

Our accomplished speakers enriched this year’s Summer World with a variety of topics related to the power and importance of meaning and took us on an exciting journey through lectures on spirituality, fulfillment, ethics, ecology, entrepreneurship, nuclear physics, and much more – always linked to the many applications of the TimeWaver.

TimeWaver Summer World 2024 Gallery

Existing Friendships Strengthened – New Ones Made

This year again, people with very different life stories and motivations came together at the TimeWaver Summer World. They all have one thing in common: the longing and deep desire for meaning and fulfillment in life. Our enriching event has once again brought us one step closer to this goal!

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