TimeWaver Summer World 2024
TimeWaver Summer World 2024

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

TimeWaver Summer World 2024
TimeWaver Summer World 2024
TimeWaver BIZ 2.0 is coming!

The new version of TimeWaver BIZ will be released in time for the TimeWaver Summer-World 2024 – participants of the event can look forward to a summer discount of 30%!

Get your ticket now and discover the innovative new version of the TimeWaver BIZ system!*

BIZ 2.0

* The 30% discount applies exclusively to the new BIZ 2.0 software packages for existing and new customers. For both groups, separate prices apply.

The Power of Meaning

The search for the meaning of life has preoccupied mankind since the beginning: only when we can grasp the deeper meaning of our existence can we feel peace and grow in our consciousness. As a TimeWaver user, you will increasingly experience the need for meaning. It gives you a sense of connection and growth, health and success. With this theme we bring the TimeWaver Summer World 2024 to life.

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

Join the
TimeWaver community

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

Deepen your understanding of TimeWaver systems

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

Learn more about the science behind the Information Field

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

Make meaning and consciousness your new reality

The focus of the event is to bring together the TimeWaver family and provide a future-oriented networking and professional perspective for like-minded people. The semantic connection of all parts of a system, the fitting together of the puzzle pieces, makes life an enlightening journey that gives us strength and drives us forward.

TimeWaver Summer-World 2024 is a contribution to this journey, combining the meaning of TimeWaver technology and the well-being of the collective – for meaning is the path, the goal and the means that fulfils the true seeker!

Some important information about the event

TimeWaver Summer World 2024


Tickets now available, secure your spot at TimeWaver Summer World 2024!


Join us in this exploration of life’s deepest questions and find your path to a more meaningful existence!


  • Weekend Ticket: 349€
  • Saturday Ticket: 209€
  • Sunday Ticket: 169€
  • Training Day: 229€

All ticket prices are without accommodation


  • Participation in the convention
  • Coffee breaks
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Cultural program in the evening
TimeWaver Summer World 2024


Elaya Hotel Frankfurt Oberursel
Zimmersmühlenweg 35, 61440 Oberursel


The Elaya Hotel in Oberursel is only a few kilometers away from Frankfurt and the airport.


For room bookings you can contact the Elaya Hotel directly with the keyword “TimeWaver”. The room contingent is limited and available until 25.04.2024:


Tel. +49 6171 500 800


double room 140€

single room 120€

incl. breakfast
special price 7 – 9 June

TimeWaver Summer World 2024


  • Marcus Schmieke
  • Christian Halper
  • Dr. med. Folker Meißner
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach
  • Prof. Dr. Jan Rak
  • Christiane Brand
  • Dobroslawa Kwiatkowska
  • Sacinandana Swami
  • Samar Oueslati
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz
  • Dr. Mihaela Stroe
  • Dr. Helga Prazak
  • Oliver Lorey

Enjoy the break with Sven Nordmann

TimeWaver Summer World 2024 Schedule

Saturday, 8 June 2024


Marcus Schmieke – Meaning and the law of the 5th dimension

09:30 am

Dr. Helga Prazak – A sense of purpose in old age

10:15 am

Enjoy the break 1 – with Sven Nordmann

11:00 am

Coffee break

11:10 am

Christiane Brand – Success through purpose: TimeWaver strategies for the entrepreneurship of tomorrow

11:40 am

Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach – Spirituality and Meaning

12:10 pm

Enjoy the break 2 – with Sven Nordmann

12:40 pm

Lunch break

12:50 pm


Revitalization Hypnosis – Guided Self-Hypnosis for Energy and Focus

02:00 pm

Christian Halper – From sense to the highest sense via the 6th sense – including tips for successful realisation

02:20 pm

Panel Discussion with Michael Danz, Dr. Mihaela Stroe, Dr. Liana Barnos and Dr. Neeta Shah

03:00 pm

Prof. Dr. Jan Rak – The Renaissance of Consciousness: Interweaving the Modern Scientific Paradigm with Mysticism

03:30 pm

Enjoy the break 3 – with Sven Nordmann

04:15 pm

Coffee break

04:25 pm

Dobroslawa Kwiatkowska – TimeWaver – a multidimensional support in the search for the meaning of our existence

04:55 pm

Sacinandana Swami – Free Your Mind Through Mantra Meditation

05:30 pm

Marcus Schmieke – Closing words

06:15 pm

Break / Dinner

06:20 pm

Entertainment program with Marcus Schmieke and Suzanne Eva

08:00 pm

Sunday, 9 June 2024


Marcus Schmieke – Prana, consciousness and coherence 

09:00 am

Samar Oueslati – Put an end to inner restlessness

09:50 am

Enjoy the break 1 – with Sven Nordmann

10:30 am

Coffee break

10:40 am

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz – From the Senses to Meaning – Aesthetics and Ethics in Ecological Responsibility

11:10 am

Dr. Mihaela Stroe – Think Big, Think Rich, Think Positive – Inner Fulfillment and Happiness in All Areas of Life

11:50 am

Enjoy the break 2 – with Sven Nordmann

12:30 pm

Lunch break & book signing with Marcus Schmieke and Sacinandana Swami

12:40 pm


Revitalization Hypnosis – Guided Self-Hypnosis for Energy and Focus

01:50 pm

Panel Discussion with Marcus Schmieke, Prof. Dr. Jan Rak, Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach, Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz

02:10 pm

Oliver Lorey – Creating meaning with TimeWaver

03:00 pm

Enjoy the break 3 – with Sven Nordmann

03:40 pm

Coffee break

03:50 pm

Dr. med. Folker Meißner – Sense, mission, health and happiness – when imagination is no longer enough

04:15 pm

Marcus Schmieke & Christian Halper – Final Thoughts – Farewell Speech

05:00 pm

Coffee break and get together for those who are still staying

05:30 pm

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

Marcus Schmieke and Suzanne Eva
Live on stage

08 June 2024

Marcus Schmieke, who can look back on a past as a concert pianist, adds a unique touch to the evening with two piano pieces and vocal mantras. In addition, the musical actress Suzanne Eva enriches the performance with English and Swedish songs accompanied by her pianist. Suzanne Eva Jacob is an international singer with classical musical training. In addition to her glamorous performances, the Stockholm-born singer lives her message of commitment to people, animals and nature.

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

International Training Day

June 7th 2024

This training day offers you a unique opportunity to deepen your work with the TimeWaver systems TimeWaver Pro and TimeWaver BIZ and is especially aimed at long-term TimeWaver users. Our instructors will show you special procedures with the various TimeWaver systems that build on your extensive knowledge. Take advantage of this great opportunity to gain exclusive insight into each TimeWaver system in just one day and register today!

The Speakers


Marcus Schmieke

Marcus Schmieke is the inventor and developer of the TimeWaver systems. His studies in physics and philosophy paved his way for investigating the connections between matter and consciousness. Marcus’ books “Das letzte Geheimnis – Naturwissenschaft und Bewusstsein“ (The Last Secret – Natural Science and Consciousness) and “Das Lebensfeld” (The Field of Life) as well as his encounters with German physicist Burkhard Heim laid the foundation for the development of the TimeWaver systems and Information Field technology. Marcus has published more than 20 books on natural science and Vedic knowledge. His latest two books are also available in English, namely “The Second Path” (2015) and “Follow the Inner Path” (2018). Since early 2021, Marcus is an adjunct professor at Dev Sanskriti University in India.

Christian Halper

Christian Halper

Christian Halper is an Austrian entrepreneur, is co-owner of the TimeWaver and Healy Groups and founder of top vegan restaurants. He was co-founder of the extremely successful investment company Superfund and developer of the software for analyzing stock price data. Today, he is committed to a sustainable and healthy lifestyles with a vegan diet and in the health sector. Christian Halper knows how to think and feel holistically. His entrepreneurial sense for the good and beautiful is harmonized with intuition, spirituality and astrology as well as with charitable initiatives, such as his support for the ECR Institute. He has been using the TimeWaver Pro system for his personal and business activities for almost 15 years.


Dr. med. Folker Meißner

Dr. Folker Meißner has been running a very successful private practice for holistic medicine in Königswinter (near Bonn, Germany) for over 20 years as well as practicing and teaching acupuncture for over 25 years. His focus is on the practical application of quantum physics in the form of a combination of energy medicine, technical informationial medicine and “speaking medicine” (such as NLP, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting). Folker has made a name for himself as founder and first chairman of the German Academy for Energy Medicine and Bioenergetics (DAEMBE) as well as a physician, scientist, speaker and trainer, both nationally and internationally. He is a book author as well as a passionate TimeWaver user and trainer for the TimeWaver Academy since 2012.


Dr. Mihaela Stroe

Mihaela Stroe is a Ph.D. in Sociology, a behavioral analyst, a coach, an international speaker, a wife and a mother – and she is thoroughly enjoying all these roles in her life!

Mihaela is the author of two books titled (in translation) “In Harmony with Myself!” and “Be the First in Your Life! A practical guide to self-knowledge”. She also developed an intensive coaching program that goes by “Transform your life in 90 days!”.

She loves her work above all else and is dedicated to transforming people’s lives by encouraging them to let go of the victim attitude and embrace their inner divine power. Since 2017, she has been using the TimeWaver system as a valuable tool in coaching with hundreds of clients.

Harald Walach

Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach

Professor Harald Walach is a Professorial Research Fellow at the Next Society Institute of Kazimieras Simonavicius University in Vilnius, Lithuania. Until June 2021 he was Professor at the Medical University of Poznan, Visiting Professor at Witten/Herdecke University. Furthermore, he is the founder and director of the Change Health Science Institute, freelance consultant, scientist, author of 11 books and over 200 peer-reviewed articles. Until 2016 he was Professor of Research Methodology at the European University Viadrina. He holds two PhD’s in Psychology and in Philosophy and History of Science.

Jan Rak

Prof. Dr. Jan Rak

Jan Rak is a professor of ultra-relativistic nuclear physics at Jyvaskyla University in Finland and a physicist at Cern in Switzerland. Several years before the collapse of the communist era in the Czech Republic, he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague. After his doctorate, he participated as an experimental physicist in all major accelerator experiments worldwide, at JINR, Dubna, Russia, at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, at the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg, Germany, at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA and finally at Jyvaskyla University, Finland. His research focuses on relativistic quantum field theory, which he explains with his American colleague Tannebaum in their book “High-p T physics in the Heavy Ion Era” (2013). He is project leader of the Finnish participation in the ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.


Christiane Brand

Since many years Christiane Brand is a personal and success coach, business energy specialist, burnout consultant and lecturer for the TimeWaver Academy. She is the originator of time-proven training concepts that have paved the way to success for many attendees of her seminars. She was the co-developer of the TimeWaver BIZ product and in 2016 launched the TimeWaver BIZ online conference.


Dobroslawa Kwiatkowska

Dobroslawa Kwiatkowska studied psychosomatics and somatopsychology and is a passionate TimeWaver user since the spring of 2016. In her Healing Fields practice in Poznan (Poland) she is successfully working with clients from all over the world, using TimeWaver Pro, TimeWaver Frequency and TimeWaver McMakin. Dobroslawa Kwiatkowska is the founder and president of the Polish Society for Information and Energy Medicine PTMIE.


Samar Oueslati

Samar Oueslati is a banker, fitness trainer and nutritionist. In order to better support her clients on a mental and emotional level, she has been an integral coach since 2018 and specializes in relationship issues. Since 2018, she has been working with TimeWaver Pro to find out the various deeper connections of actual imbalances in her clients’ lives and to help resolve them. She also reports about her work on her YouTube channel “Samar Weslati”.


Sacinandana Swami

Sacinandana Swami co-founded the BrajCare charity in India and has been integral in building two spiritual communities in Germany. He teaches at the Vrindavana Institute for Higher Education in India and the Bhaktivedanta College in Belgium and has published several books, dozens of articles and poems. Sacinandana Swami is a monk in the Bhakti tradition and well known for his significant contribution to the practice of meditation and Kirtan. Being dedicated to the process of inner transformation, he has spent fifty years in pursuit of genuine spiritual experiences. With messages full of Bhakti, humor, and energy, he regularly reaches thousands while at the same time teaching to each and every individual. In his own words: “I like to inspire others to come in touch with the Divine so that they can live and act from the place of unlimited, blissful being.”

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz

Prof. Dr. Mathias Schüz

Mathias Schüz is Professor for Responsible Leadership at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), School of Management and Law and completed his doctorate on the philosophical consequences of modern physics in the works of Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker. He is the author of more than 10 books and more than 100 articles as well as co-initiator of the Institute for Transdisciplinarity, international speaker for International Strategic Management, Applied Business Ethics, Managing Diversities, Philosophy and Management. He studied International Management and Business Administration in Sustainable Corporate Responsibility, Holistic Value and Risk Management and International Strategic Management. He was involved in setting up the ‘International Management’, ‘International Business’ and ‘Executive MBA’ degree programmes at the ZHAW and developed new modules on ‘Managing Diversities’, ‘Holistic Value and Risk Management’, ‘Applied Business Ethics’ and ‘International Strategic Management’ at various universities.


Oliver Lorey

Since his early youth, Oliver Lorey has paid a lot of attention to naturopathy and herbal medicine and wanted to pursue his career in this field. He has been working in his own naturopathic practice since studying to become a naturopath and has taken part in various training and further courses in the fields of naturopathy, shamanism, psychology, philosophy and Information Field technology. The therapies he offers are individually tailored to the patient’s needs. Oliver Lorey also uses holistic energy and Information Field applications, TimeWaver Frequency and TimeWaver Pro, as well as techniques from psychology, meditation, Qigong, acupuncture, spiritual healing methods, homeopathy, spagyrics, chiropractic, osteopathy and his self-developed nosode application using TimeWaver. He has been working with the TimeWaver systems since 2009.


Dr. Helga Prazak

Helga Pražak is a coach, author and business energizer who now focuses on retirement and aging. Her concept “Growing old radiantly” is based on the 5 pillars HEALTH – SENSE – LOVE – ENJOYMENT – RESOURCES. She has been writing her blog for three years with more than 60 inspiring posts on retirement and aging. Before retiring, the biotechnologist spent four decades in management in the energy industry, where she was responsible for HSSE (Health-Safety-Security-Environment) and Innovation Renewable Energy. A burnout brought her into contact with energetics 20 years ago (including OMEGA Health Coach, EFT, ThetaHealing, spiritual healing). She gradually integrated these methods and the holistic approach into her daily business life and wrote the book BUSINESS ENERGETICS.

Michael Danz TimeWaver


Michael Danz TimeWaver


About us

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

TimeWaver was founded in 2007 and has been steadily driving the development of disruptive medical products and new concepts in the field of Information Field technology and frequency application.

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

More than 8,000 professionals worldwide are using TimeWaver Information Field technology and frequency application, and their number is steadily growing!

TimeWaver Summer World 2024

TimeWaver lets you analyze and harmonize deeper interrelationships and backgrounds, including spiritual and material imbalances in the Information Field. Be it medical care, wellness, vitality, sports, business or coaching: TimeWaver can provide you with new and holistic approaches.

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