Information Field Applications

The Information Field

Exploring Deep Backgrounds*

The so-called Information Field is originally part of a unified field theory, formulated by German physicist Burkhard Heim (a student of Werner Heisenberg) in the late 1970s. Heim had thereby pursued a task at which many renowned physicists, for example Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking, had so far ultimately failed.

Burkhard Heim’s field theory is based on a world view comprising 12 dimensions. In Burkhard Heim’s model, the Information Field is localized in the 7th and 8th dimensions. Its meaning goes far beyond physics: It is the level of our existence where all answers to all questions are stored, our predetermination and all knowledge.

Information Field Applications
Information Field Applications

TimeWaver technology is based on the theory that the essence and function of the Information Field can be purposefully applied by those who are familiar with it. It is about retrieving all the information about a person’s mind and body that is stored in the Information Field of the Earth and the Universe; the positive as well as the negative, the strengths as well as the weaknesses, the normalities as well as the abnormalities.

Marcus Schmieke, the founder and inventor of TimeWaver, met Burkhard Heim a few times in person and had many discussions about his work. Inspired by their encounter, he studied the latter’s research for a long time in order to make it more comprehensible and to find possible applications for it. All this resulted in the development of the TimeWaver system.

Information Field Applications

The Information Field in Simple Words

In his book “The Second Path: My Life in the Information Field” Marcus gave a very simple and easily comprehensible explanation of his understanding of the Information Field when asked by his publisher to explain it for his mailman:

We humans carry two aspects within us. First the body, the material part of us, and then the mind, the consciousness. This dichotomy (meaning the division between two things) is the basis of everybody’s world view.

Now those two are very, very different from each other, the material body in comparison to the mind and the consciousness. It is very hard to understand how they ever manage to work together, even though this is of course necessary and works reasonably well in practice. We just don’t know exactly how they do it!

The link between matter and spirit, between the body and the mind, is the so-called Information Field. It is neither a physical nor a mental thing. It is something completely new, carrying both those properties within itself and can therefore translate from the language of the body into the language of the consciousness.

So the two parts can speak to each other: the mind can create shapes within the Information Field that manifest in matter. It also works the other way round: The material world can influence the mind over the Information Field.

All this is very, very important for us humans, because when mind and body cannot communicate with each other, when they are not pulling in the same direction, then we get sick. Life means body and consciousness, mind and matter being in harmony. Death is when they separate.

Information Field Applications

A Wide Range of Application Areas

In our experience, a successful mode of application for the Information Field over many years, in the form of the TimeWaver systems, has been analyzing and harmonizing imbalances in the Information Field, often in synergistic conjunction with the application of frequencies and microcurrent.

You may notice that such application may also give you supportive ideas which may help you to tackle commercial tasks, such as decision making (decision support), process control and support in achieving clearly defined corporate goals.

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Notice: The analysis and harmonization in the Information Field is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease or medical condition. It is intended to give the professional user the option, in a holistic context, to derive helpful information from findings from the Information Field. Each professional user should evaluate, based on their own experience, whether the application is useful in their practice. The terms used in the databases and modules do not constitute statements concerning their effects. Information from the TimeWaver system should always be critically questioned and, if necessary, verified with further procedures. The TimeWaver system should always be used within the scope of the user’s professional practice, license or certification and in accordance with the Instructions for Use and company-provided manual. Information Field technology is a proprietary technology of TimeWaver. It is based on the theory that the Information Field is the non-material area through which spirit and matter communicate. It reflects what we consider to be the spiritual meaning of life events. The existence of such a field is discussed in scientific literature. Analysis in the Information Field is designed to search for the information patterns that contribute to the harmonization of the Information Field. For this purpose, a priority is assigned to contents such as descriptive sentences, arranged in lists, by evaluating the data of a physical noise generator. In our users’ experience, this priority reflects the relevance for the user. An analysis in the Information Field reflects a combination of factors at the time the analysis is done, including the intention of the user. An analysis at a different time may have a different result due to changes in the environmental variables. TimeWaver has conducted unblinded before/after surveys in controlled and randomized groups of participants. These surveys suggest that the participants’ wellbeing was higher after the application. We attribute this to the harmonization of the Information Field, in which the life energy, also called chi (or qi) and prana, is brought back into flow. This has not been confirmed by independent studies.