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A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford

TimeWaver BIZ – Your Guide to Success

A company can be a complex system. Entrepreneurs and managers often face challenges in making successful decisions. Nowadays, we need much more than just numbers, data and facts.

This is where TimeWaver technology comes into play in the commercial field: In our experience, the TimeWaver BIZ system can give you deeper insights into the various dynamics of a company and hidden potentials become visible!

The TimeWaver BIZ system provides new impulses for successfully running your business!

It Is Your Decision: Where Is the Journey Going?

How do you make decisions? How do you reach your goals? Often enough in life, the perfect solution, the best idea, new customers, a reliable supplier or the ideal employee seem to materialize at exactly the right moment, as through magic.

There are many names for these phenomena: intuition, the luck of the fittest, gut feeling, coincidence or experience. In scientific terms, we might also call it stochastics, synchronicity, heuristics, morphogenetic fields or the collective unconscious, as per C. G. Jung. Some people also claim that their faith or their spirituality helps them do the right thing.

From our perspective, all these terms are names for more or less the same thing. At TimeWaver, we call this the Information Field.

The TimeWaver BIZ (Business Information and Zoning) system opens up the potential of the Information Field which, in users’ experience, can help to run a more successful business.

It provides Information Field analysis for:

  • Strategic orientation and decision support
  • Process support and target monitoring
  • Marketing: brand management, positioning, CD/CI
  • Financial planning, liquidity planning
  • Investment decisions
  • Risk management
  • Human resources: employee placement, crisis management, motivational issues

Is This a Service? Or Software? Or a Device?

It is a bit of everything. The TimeWaver BIZ system consists of specially designed hardware, controlled by a supplied notebook PC running the TimeWaver control software and containing the required databases.

In addition, there is a group of top-class independent business consultants who are experts in various aspects of the TimeWaver BIZ system. Our customers can put them to good use transferring their business tasks to the TimeWaver BIZ system.

And of course, you can learn the first steps with theTimeWaver BIZ system, as well as more in-depth andcomplex applications, at the TimeWaver Academy.

Who Needs It?

The TimeWaver BIZ system is especially well suited for

Large companies at top management and department head level:

With the help of Information Field analysis strategic processes and decisions become more tangible and manageable. The path towards the goals appears in more clarity. HR increases its efficiency. Risk management gains a human component.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs, from 1 to 500 employees):

Supporting aspects of day-to-day management: financial issues, customers, employees. Intuition becomes tangible, hunches become consciousness.


Offer your clients exciting and disruptive services, thinking outside the box! Improve your perceived professional profile and make yourself indispensable.


The structures and challenges of a business are often a reflection of its owners or managers. That is why the TimeWaver application begins with a measurement of heart rate variability (HRV), which provides information about stress levels and vitality.

Based on the analysis results of the HRV measurement, deeper analyses are then carried out with the TimeWaver system; in our experience, hidden backgrounds of imbalances can thus be analyzed and harmonized.

The TimeWaver BIZ system analyzes and optimizes a business’s energy (as opposed to its material goods).

The seven energy clusters of a company are mapped in the individual functional areas of the TimeWaver BIZ System. As a whole, they comprise all important aspects that are relevant for a successful enterprise.

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Notice: Information Field technology is a proprietary technology of TimeWaver. It is based on the theory that the Information Field is the non-material area through which spirit and matter communicate. It reflects what we consider to be the spiritual meaning of life events. The existence of such a field is discussed in scientific literature. Analysis in the Information Field is designed to search for the information patterns that contribute to the harmonization of the Information Field. For this purpose, a priority is assigned to contents such as descriptive sentences, arranged in lists, by evaluating the data of a physical noise generator. In our users’ experience, this priority reflects the relevance for the user. An analysis in the Information Field reflects a combination of factors at the time the analysis is done, including the intention of the user. An analysis at a different time may have a different result due to changes in the environmental variables. The content of the TimeWaver databases is based on the practical experience of the experts who created them. They have not been confirmed by independent studies.

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