COVID-19 Warning to all TimeWaver users and partners: TimeWaver is not approved for the diagnosis or treatment of COVID-19. TimeWaver is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraine, as well as for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other uses of TimeWaver are not recognised by mainstream medicine due to lack of evidence as defined by mainstream medicine.TimeWaver supports and encourages the implementation of the prevention measures for COVID-19 published by the World Health Organisation (WHO). If you, your family or clients experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms described by the WHO, we recommend that you seek medical diagnosis and treatment.

TimeWaver®1 Systems
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Body and Mind in Harmony

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Discover the experience of Information Field Technology* and Frequency Application

Integrated application methods for different practices

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TimeWaver lets you analyze and harmonize deeper interrelationships and backgrounds, including spiritual and material imbalances in the Information Field. Be it medical care, wellness, vitality, sports, business or coaching: TimeWaver can provide you with new and holistic approaches.

Three Main TimeWaver Products to meet the specific needs of your practice:

  • TimeWaver Frequency: A microcurrent frequency device for wellbeing and vitality.
  • TimeWaver Pro: A wellness tool for the holistic health practitioner as well as a valuable tool for business professionals and coaches.
  • TimeWaver Cardio: A professional device for measuring the pulse wave and computing heart rate variability (HRV).
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More than 2,000 professionals worldwide are using TimeWaver Information Field technology and frequency application, and their number is steadily growing!

On the following pages, we will provide you with a general overview of how our solutions, our products and our team can support you. The TimeWaver systems, developed by Marcus Schmieke, are based on unique concepts; it therefore takes some time and involvement to become familiar with them.

We wish you interesting reading and stimulating insights.
We look forward to responding to any questions you may have.

* Information Field technology is a proprietary technology of TimeWaver. It is based on the theory that the Information Field is the non-material area through which spirit and matter communicate. It reflects what we consider to be the spiritual meaning of life events. The existence of such a field is discussed in scientific literature.

Analysis in the Information Field is designed to search for the information patterns that contribute to the harmonization of the Information Field. For this purpose, a priority is assigned to contents such as descriptive sentences, arranged in lists, by evaluating the data of a physical noise generator. In our users’ experience, this priority reflects the relevance for the user. An analysis in the Information Field reflects a combination of factors at the time the analysis is done, including the intention of the user. An analysis at a different time may have a different result due to changes in the environmental variables.

TimeWaver has conducted unblinded before/after surveys in controlled and randomized groups of participants. These surveys suggest that the participants’ wellbeing was higher after the application. We attribute this to the harmonization of the Information Field, in which the life energy, also called chi (or qi) and prana, is brought back into flow. This has not been confirmed by independent studies.

Frequency Application

for Holistic Health

Frequency Application

Science Behind

TimeWaver Pro

for Holistic Wellbeing

TimeWaver Cardio

HRV in Combination with TimeWaver Technology

Coaching Module

A Software Tool for Professional Coaching

TimeWaver BIZ

Controlling Your Business. Controlling Your World.


for Holistic Health


Science Behind

TimeWaver Pro

for Holistic Wellbeing


HRV in Combination with
TimeWaver Technology


A Software Tool
for Professional Coaching

TimeWaver BIZ

Controlling Your Business.
Controlling Your World.

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Notice: The analysis and harmonization in the Information Field is not intended to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent any disease or medical condition. It is intended to give the professional user the option, in a holistic context, to derive helpful information from findings from the Information Field. Each professional user should evaluate, based on their own experience, whether the application is useful in their practice. The terms used in the databases and modules do not constitute statements concerning their effects. Information from the TimeWaver system should always be critically questioned and, if necessary, verified with further procedures. The TimeWaver system should always be used within the scope of the user’s professional practice, license or certification and in accordance with the Instructions for Use and company-provided manual.

1 TimeWaver is a registered trademark of Marcus Schmieke.
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