Uncovering Hidden Patterns

Wolfgang Blüml | Live | English | Online | Free admission

Unwanted relationship patterns usually have hidden causes in the unconscious, which are difficult to identify using conventional approaches. The TimeWaver systems use the Information Field as a link between matter and mind to make invisible structures visible and thus break the cycle of repetitive loops.

Water – Globules – Information

Alexander Diehl | Live | English | Online | Free admission

Frequencies and information can be transferred to water and other carrier objects such as globules using the TimeWaver systems. By using TimeWaver Frequency and TimeWaver Pro to gain access to the Information Field as a field of interaction between spirit and matter, we can enrich carrier objects with information to increase the holistic well-being of people, animals and plants.

The Big Themes in Life

Michael Danz | Live | English | Online | Free admission

The TimeWaver is a powerful tool for obtaining answers to important life questions. The more clearly you define your goal and intention, the more effective the TimeWaver's answers will be for your personal development. By defining your focus more precisely, you can make the most of the TimeWaver's many functions.

Family Constellations in the Information Field

Steffen Jüngling | Live | English | Online | Free admission

The TimeWaver system offers you numerous application possibilities in areas such as personal development, life coaching or business optimization. With the GenoWave and TimeLine modules, you can delve deeper into the history of events and grasp and use the subject area of systemic constellation work on a new level.

Holistic Wellbeing With Frequencies

Alexander Diehl | Live | English | Online | Free admission

In this webinar, Alexander Diehl will explain the approaches, methods and applications for holistic wellbeing with the TimeWaver Frequency system and the TimeWaver Frequency McMakin system.

The New TimeWaver BIZ 2.0

Michael Danz | Live | English | Online | Free admission

The new TimeWaver BIZ 2.0 offers numerous practical applications for business people and companies. As an entrepreneur, you can make more effective decisions and optimize your strategies with the help of extended functions and the contents of the new TimeWaver BIZ product range.

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