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Emotional Strength in the Information Field

The Coherence Module and the Material Level

Wolfgang Blüml

May 8, 2024
10:00 am – 11:00 am CEST

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TimeWaver Pro
Informational webinar for coaches, alternative practitioners and consultants


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What to expect in this webinar:

Coherence describes a state of optimal balance between related parts of a whole. The TimeWaver Coherence Module is designed to support you in achieving coherence in all important areas of your life.

In this webinar, Wolfgang Blüml will give an overview of the possibilities of the TimeWaver Pro system and the Coherence Module and show you how you can use them practically in your everyday work to create a positive balance in the Information Field.

Webinar Contents:

  • Introduction and background to understanding the TimeWaver analysis
  • What does coherence mean for the human being?
  • The different levels of TimeWaver analysis
  • The coherence module and the connection between people and their emotional issues
  • Q&A

Wolfgang Blüml

Wolfgang Blüml has been working at TimeWaver since 2011; he is go-to person for international sales and user support. His main focus is gaining the customers’ trust, based on personal and people-oriented support. Wolfgang’s commitment and spiritual dedication are the basis for his efficient and competent work with and support of TimeWaver. He also enriches and inspires many TimeWaver users and prospects in presentation webinars, at trade fairs and at roadshow events.

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